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August 26, 2005 No Comments

I love [tag]Role Playing Games[/tag] and free games are the best. I remember being on a boy scout camping trip and some of us played [tag]dungeons and dragons[/tag]. That was the first time I ever learned about role playing games. Then I found the Internet where [tag]MUDS[/tag] were the big things. These were text based only. No graphics at all. When I found a local BBS with a very good [tag]RPG[/tag] I knew I was hooked. This one was called [tag]Tele-Arena[/tag] and spent days leveling up my character. The best part of most of these games is the fact you can join others to play. But sometimes I like playing by myself like [tag]Diablo[/tag].

I recently found a game called [tag]runescape[/tag]. Played it for days also and have a good character now. It’s a fun game with plenty of adventures. Some of these online games have added features by paying. I like that very much. I haven’t bought a Online RPG game or payed monthly for one yet. [tag]Everquest[/tag] would probably be fun but paying monthly to play it will just make me addicted and less willing to stop. I rather play the free games and when I find one that I love then I can pay for added benefits when I can.

Here is a link to some free RPG games. I still haven’t tried all these games but I will try them soon. Maybe I’ll write some reviews of them later.

Check this link out for a funny clip of dungeons and dragons


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