Age Of Conan in open beta

May 20, 2007 1 Comment

I’ve recently been hooked into the Lord Of The Rings Online. I thought I should check out any new MMORPG titles coming up this year or next year. I found Age of Conan which has a new way of fighting. The combat control is more like a console game rather than a typical control system of a MMO. You can direct your attacks in many different ways and you can combine attacks to use better attacks. Your attacks can wound several mobs in the area so you don’t have to attack one at a time like other games. Plus you will be able to attack on top of a horse with arrows, swords or a lance like jousting!

I must warn you now that this game does have lot of blood and gore. Some of the attacks are similar to stuff you see in mortal combat. Some of the videos I have found are a bit violent but this is a violent game set in a violent era! I am personally looking forward to trying it out.

Some of the other interesting features are user made cities where it begins to feel like a RTS style game. This video shows a person using a trebuchet to stop an army coming down a hill. Of course this game has pvp and you will also be able to get drunk and fight in brawls! Groups of players can raid other player built cities or just go raid a NPC city. There is also a place for people like me who like to solo.

This looks like fun and I want to try the new style of fighting. It seems it might lean more to PVP than PVE so it might not be a perfect game for me. But I am still interested and hope to play so I can give more information in the future. The future looks bright and crowded in the MMO worlds. How can all these games survive at the same time? Guess time will tell.

The PC version will be coming out this year and the xbox 360 version is set to be released next year. The monthly cost will probably be around $15/month but only once after get your character to level 20. This is because the part before level 20 is a solo game and the world opens up for you to play with others at level 20.

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