Music Video Virtual Reality Remake

May 26, 2007 No Comments

This is going to be a fun post about something I found recently. I always knew about people making music videos in virtual games. Some use games like WOW, EQ or Sims to make some great music video remakes. While watching the finale of American Idol last Thursday I saw Kelly Clarkson singing her new song, Never Again. I checked to see if I can find the video of it online. I found it and I also found a remake created in Sims 2. I might have just thought it was cool and not post about it but this remake was just too good. The only thing that could be better is to have the lips synced up which probably could be done. Not sure how easy it would be but this just impressed me and I thought the song was good too. Compare them and see for yourself.

Original Music Video
Music Video Remake made in Sims 2
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