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June 7, 2007 3 Comments

Warhammer online is one of those games which I hear a lot about. I never played any warhammer games so this will be all new to me. From everything I read it looks like a really good game. Seems like there will be a place for solo play which I love! I think this game will bring in a lot more people who like PVP (player vs player) because it has so much capability for it. This month they just allowed sign ups to their closed beta. There is still a NDA for the game so everything I have found is through their podcast and official news.

There are different type of quests. Most are the same quests like in other games but with some added twists. The kill collectors quest type is terrific! I hate when I kill so many bears and then get to a quest giver who tells me to kill some more bears. In this game if you killed the right amount the quest giver will give you the reward right away! The game will actually remember that you have already killed something so you won’t have to do it again. Very good idea!

The public quest type is a new type where once you enter an area you can join the quest as others are participating. The quest continues from the beginning to the end with many stages in between with things to do. Anyone can join in at any stage. No waiting around for a group to finish off a quest. As you are participating you gain points called influence which will give you rewards at the end. If you started at the beginning and finish all the way to the end you will gain more rewards. Everyone will gain these rewards depending on how much they helped with the quest. This looks like a fun way of doing quests for rewards.

This game has war battles all over the place and I can imagine there will be some big fights going around all the time. The RVR (Realm Vs Realm) area looks well developed. The RVR is what is commonly referred to as PVP. There is a certain area for RVR players so players won’t have to fight other players if they don’t want to. Each person playing will be able to help out their side even by playing solo and doing PVE (Player Vs Environment) stuff. Even the lower level characters can help out the higher level characters. Lower characters can gain points which pass up to the higher tiers. This will allow higher level players a chance to take over more areas from the enemy.

This looks like it will be fun! I’ve only experienced big battles in LOTRO and can’t even imagine a PVP system like this. What I like the best is the fact they have 3 different RVR fights. Skirmishes is fighting with other players anywhere in the RVR areas. Battlefields are where teams can take over keeps and try to control it which give more points to the war. Scenarios are instances where teams can play against each other to try to control keeps. It will also balance the sides with NPC’s (Non Player Characters) if there isn’t enough players on either side.

Warhammer Online types of RVR youtube video.

The Warhammer Online website has plenty of more information and also has their own podcast. Actually the youtube videos I linked to are from the podcasts. Be sure to check them out because there are some others I haven’t linked. This game looks like fun and I would like to try it once. Not sure if it’s the type of game I will be good at or constantly want to play. I have to play it first to find out.

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