Age of Conan Release Date Changed

August 28, 2007 No Comments

In a previous post I described an upcoming game called “Age Of Conan” aka AOC. I just read a news article that the release date for this game has been pushed back to March 25, 2008. I hope this will make sure that any bugs will be fixed. Also from reading the letter on their website they want to change the beginning areas of the game. The new combat system of this game takes a bit to get used to so they are addressing this issue. You can also check out a video of a PVP siege where one guild can take over another guild’s area. Check out the video by clicking here.

This release date brings it out around the time that warhammer online will be released which is the beginning of 2008. Both will be heavily marketed to the PVP audience. “Age Of Conan” will be a M rated game so their shouldn’t be many teens on it which will cut their audience. Warhammer on the other hand will probably come out as a T rating so this will be interesting to see which will get the hardcore PVP audience.

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