Catching Up With MMO News

April 25, 2008 No Comments

Here are some MMO news I wanted to write about but didn’t.

Yesterday Book 13 was added to LOTRO, Lord Of the Rings Online. This was a new free update with a brand new area to explore. Fishing was introduced as a hobby also. I don’t want to go through too many details yet before I can review it. I still am working on a review of book 12. I just have to say I’m not a happy camper with some changes in this new book.

Last month it was reported that Warhammer Online will be delayed until the fall of 2008. Many people have been looking forward to this game and I hope this delay will make the release as good as it can be. You can already pre-order this game and get into the beta.

There is some good news about another big MMO coming out. Age Of Conan beta will be starting next month in May! You can preorder the game now and get in the beta or try to get a beta key from online. and has ways to get you a key before the start! I’m trying to get one just so I can try it out. Not sure if it will be a game I decide to pay and play.

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Catching Up With MMO News

Here are some MMO news I wanted to write about but didn’t. Yesterday Book 13 was added to LOTRO,...

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