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Lotro Video project continues

Lotro Video project continues

May 10, 2010 No Comments

I have continued my video project of showing my burglar in the moors from level 40 to 65. I have recently made 3 new videos which I would like to share with everyone on here. It’s a lot of fun trying my best to help out the freep side with my low level burglar. Need […]

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My lotro videos and intro

My lotro videos and intro

April 19, 2010 No Comments

Hello everyone! I thought I should write something on here especially because I am making some lotro videos I would like to share. I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out. I played in the open beta. I liked playing on creep side for years. I play a spider. I got it to […]

Videos for guild gamers

Videos for guild gamers

January 31, 2008 No Comments

If you are a gamer and in a guild you probably would love these videos. I’m in a guild with lotro but it’s not a hardcore guild. Some guilds have a regular scheduled time to raid. They also have a system to deal with members who raid constantly which gives them more of a chance […]

Music Video Virtual Reality Remake

Music Video Virtual Reality Remake

May 26, 2007 No Comments

This is going to be a fun post about something I found recently. I always knew about people making music videos in virtual games. Some use games like WOW, EQ or Sims to make some great music video remakes. While watching the finale of American Idol last Thursday I saw Kelly Clarkson singing her new […]

Warhammer is Coming in September!!

September will be the month for Warhammer. The open beta will start on September 7th, 2008 for pre-orders. The...

Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Free Preview Weekend

Got the news yesterday that Disney’s The Pirates Of The Caribbean Online game will have a free preview weekend...

Catching Up With MMO News

Here are some MMO news I wanted to write about but didn’t. Yesterday Book 13 was added to LOTRO,...

Videos for guild gamers

If you are a gamer and in a guild you probably would love these videos. I’m in a guild...

Star Trek Online and Age Of Conan News

Some bad news in the MMORPG world this month. Star trek online probably won’t be coming out anytime soon....

Kingdom Of Loathing is Simple and Fun

The Kingdom of Loathing is a fun text rpg game with a mmo type feel. It’s not a game...