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Merger news

Merger news

December 12, 2007 No Comments

Activision and Blizzard are merging into one company called, Activision Blizzard. From reading the press release it looks like a big deal in the gaming world. I haven’t played WOW but I have played Diablo and many activision games. I have read some concerns over the merger but mostly I haven’t seen anything that would […]

Don’t be a WOW Newb, Learn the Basics!

Don’t be a WOW Newb, Learn the Basics!

February 23, 2007 No Comments

I found this great video showing the basics of playing World of Warcraft. I am sure anyone who is going to begin playing WOW will find this video very helpful especially for someone who never played a MMORPG. Now I know what mods I need and how to start. I also found some helpful websites […]

Real Money For Virtual Gold as a Virtual Job?

Real Money For Virtual Gold as a Virtual Job?

February 12, 2007 No Comments

Would you want to play video games as your job? Sounds like fun to me! How about if your job is to make gold all day in a virtual game for a small amount of money but enough to survive. Then you sleep on the floor in a cramped room with about 8 other people. […]

Local Newspaper Article on WOW

Local Newspaper Article on WOW

January 20, 2007 No Comments

I was reading my local newspaper this week and found an article about World Of Warcraft. I don’t play the game and have no thoughts of playing it any time soon but thought others would find it interesting. [ Link to World Of Warcraft Article ] Also here’s a quote that mentions Second Life at […]

Warhammer is Coming in September!!

September will be the month for Warhammer. The open beta will start on September 7th, 2008 for pre-orders. The...

Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Free Preview Weekend

Got the news yesterday that Disney’s The Pirates Of The Caribbean Online game will have a free preview weekend...

Catching Up With MMO News

Here are some MMO news I wanted to write about but didn’t. Yesterday Book 13 was added to LOTRO,...

Videos for guild gamers

If you are a gamer and in a guild you probably would love these videos. I’m in a guild...

Star Trek Online and Age Of Conan News

Some bad news in the MMORPG world this month. Star trek online probably won’t be coming out anytime soon....

Kingdom Of Loathing is Simple and Fun

The Kingdom of Loathing is a fun text rpg game with a mmo type feel. It’s not a game...