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Finding Twinity From a SL Interview

Finding Twinity From a SL Interview

March 26, 2009 No Comments

One day I was checking out some news about Second Life and found a nice interview of SpaceJunky from mmorpg. If you love live musical events in SL then you should check out this interview and the band. I will be looking for them in the future now that I’m spending a bit more time […]

Second Life Pizza Gets Some Real Life Delivery

Second Life Pizza Gets Some Real Life Delivery

May 25, 2007 No Comments

I actually love pizza but don’t order it often over the phone or on the internet. I have my local pizza places I love and then the big franchise places for a quick bite. There has been times while I’m working at home and start craving pizza. Now I have 3 choices to order it […]

Second Life Video Tutorials

Second Life Video Tutorials

March 26, 2007 No Comments

I thought it would be a great idea to collect all the second life video tutorials I found on the internet for a post. I recently saw one that taught me something I never knew. I never knew I could move the camera this easily and without any restriction. Thought it would be very helpful […]

Where do I buy movie tickets with linden money??

Where do I buy movie tickets with linden money??

February 28, 2007 No Comments

Movietickets.com has moved into Second Life and that’s great, right? I can see myself playing some slingo and tringo to win some money and then buy some tickets to watch a movie at a local theater. I was all excited to visit the island for movietickets.com but couldn’t find a way to pay for tickets […]

Reality and Second Life meet with RHPS

Reality and Second Life meet with RHPS

February 28, 2007 No Comments

RHPS is a term used for the movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” which has a big fan base who watch the movie all over the world in theaters. Some dress up in outfits like the characters in the movie wear and also act out scenes on a stage. I wrote about a place in Second […]

The Hobo Village

April 27, 2006 No Comments

Today I was checking some stuff out on the web and found an interesting blog entry here: YouTube has an interesting video of a pretty extensive hobo village that’s been built in Second Life. I checked out the video at YouTube.com and found it quite interesting. I did some more investigating and found more videos […]

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Las Vegas Opening Night

April 26, 2006 No Comments

This post is about an old place in Second Life which is no longer there in 2011. It’s left for history and memories of the past. This place might have moved. I attended the opening night of a new sim called Las Vegas on April 8, 2006. This was the first opening night I ever […]

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Warhammer is Coming in September!!

September will be the month for Warhammer. The open beta will start on September 7th, 2008 for pre-orders. The...

Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Free Preview Weekend

Got the news yesterday that Disney’s The Pirates Of The Caribbean Online game will have a free preview weekend...

Catching Up With MMO News

Here are some MMO news I wanted to write about but didn’t. Yesterday Book 13 was added to LOTRO,...

Videos for guild gamers

If you are a gamer and in a guild you probably would love these videos. I’m in a guild...

Star Trek Online and Age Of Conan News

Some bad news in the MMORPG world this month. Star trek online probably won’t be coming out anytime soon....

Kingdom Of Loathing is Simple and Fun

The Kingdom of Loathing is a fun text rpg game with a mmo type feel. It’s not a game...